Spark Nibs proudly manufactures and supplies luxury, bespoke, 18kt gold craft nibs to trade retailers. Our fountain pen nibs are manufactured in the UK by skilled crafter, using traditional technologies and methods.

Our pen nibs are completely bespoke and can be branded with logos or other unique marks of distinction. They complement any luxury writing instrument and the attention to detail of our nibs is of the highest order.

We also supply high quality plastic feeds for the fountain pen nibs. We work with dealers and manufactures and work tirelessly to provide the highest possible level of service.

Custom Engraving

Nibs can be engraved with your logo across the top of the nib (demonstrate engraving area)

1 off set up charge for the design and engraving fee applies

Custom Stamping

Your logo can be stamped into the nib during production

Minimum 5 month lead time to create, test and approve the tooling dies

Minimum order of 50 nibs per run, any mix of standard nib sizes

Re-tipping a Nib

If a tip needs to be repaired – use the website form to schedule the work.

Unscheduled work will be booked in upon arrival, behind all scheduled work.

A confirmation email will be sent with a return date.

First 10 orders has a 2 week turnaround. Additional 10 orders has 1 extra week.

Nib Fitting

Mounting and setting nibs onto feeds with collars.

Write testing on the feeds will be performed (note – there may be some residual ink in the nib following testing).

This is a supplemental service, in addition to the cost of the nibs and feeds.

Spark Nibs have a passion for pen nibs, and we operate with high levels of integrity and professionalism. Customer service is core to our operation and ensure every customer receives a high-quality service to complement our quality nibs.

To request any of our services, users can register for an account. Once approved, simply log in and add the service to their cart.

For Custom engraving and stamping work, this is to make the initial contact and provide basic information. No charge will be made without further discussion